Gran Turismo (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Blue Edition) (Walmart Exclusive) [USA]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: October 31, 2023
Purchase link: Walmart
Price: $27.96

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@apsmith21 under shipping it says;

Packaging note:
Ships in the manufacturer's original packaging, which may reveal the contents.

Amazon also does this sometimes but not for Steelbook. You can’t ship a Steelbook without being shipped in a box or bubble wrap.

Do they offer like Amazon does in those situations? Like you can select “Ship in Amazon packaging and hide the content” ?

I mean it has to be shipped with protection :OMG:
Hello Mates @Felix_ro & @Bagman99

Are you both interested in a group buy copy for the Walmart US Exclusive Steelbook (Blue Version)

Hello „Mate” @Actarus,

Thanks for the proposal, and while this one is looking interesting (maybe even more than the blue one), since I definitely would want the 4K version, I have to say I cannot afford getting both (in the end, maybe not even one of them, sadly :grumpy:).
Therefore, I'm afraid I can't help you convincing Andy (@apsmith21) in doing a GB for this.
Oh, BTW, I did not even saw the movie, cause I could not go to IMAX (due to some recent sad events), so I don't even know how good (or bad) the movie is... :bag: