Have you ever "Quit" collecting Steelbooks?


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Jan 26, 2009
I thought this might be a slightly different and interesting topic.

Ever so often I see people quit, and some come back etc.

So have you ever "Quit" collecting steelbooks only to start later on?

For those who are reading who have quit entirely, what made it easier for you? Just stopping, selling some, all etc?

Me personally, I started like gangbusters but then toned it down to great degree to where I'm able to collect moderately :)

So yeah, I have no plans of quitting ... this is just a unique (me thinks) topic for our community. :p
I haven't quit, but I've certainly cut down since the early days.

I make sure to only buy movies I actually want to own and will watch. Even then, I'll often chance it with a price-drop. Most of the time they're simply too expensive for what you get.

With now having Disney+, I haven't bought a classics steelbook since Frozen II. I thought stopping those would be hard, but it really wasn't.

I pick and choose with Marvel titles. Bad art work = no sale. I would like Disney to finish Daredevil, Iron Fist, Agents of SHIELD etc.

I get the DCEU ones as I don't like to wait for them to crop up on Sky Cinema.

I didn't get the last Jurassic World as it didn't match the others. I also won't comlpete a franchise I don't enjoy (F&F, Halloween, Matrix etc.).

So, in short, I probably dropped from 2 or 3 a month to maybe 8 a year. Mostly catalogue titles rather than new releases.
I've cut down a lot. Try to keep my Marvel Collection intact and buy must-have's like Pattison's Batman and Phoenix's Joker but have no other interest in DCEU. Second Sight has some cool titles and so does Arrow. But overall buying quite rarely these days. Missus has noticed and is so very pleased. :naughty: