HDN Member's Specific Movie Collection - Master Thread

Also known as, "Mini Collections" or "Sub-Collections"

Do you experience movie fandom for a particular movie that you double, triple , quadruple dip out of control? Fear not, you are not alone.

Part of the fun when hunting is also finding a cool variant art title (slip? steel?) that you don't want, but you know who does! and you want to alert them of that title?

And more often then not, you just don't know your fellow Ninjas well enough to even remember or know what movies it is they collect!

Post below what movies or franchises you collect, and I will try and update this OP (original post) to make a master thread of which members collect what movies. This way we can help alert one another of releases. In this same forum after I populate this list/thread I will make Title threads (ie. The Alien Franchise Thread) from there I will link the master thread for the title back into this Master Thread. This way fans of said movie/franchise can post new editions they find and also easily copy and paste all the fans usernames that will be housed in the OP of the thread for alerting one another of new releases that shape up around the world! Additionally, you could even "subscribe" to particular master threads you select.

feel free to tag others! I'm sure you guys know of others who collect certain films in mass. :p

Seriously Collecting:
(We wantz them all! - Preference on distinguishable differences, art etc.)

The Abyss @bigrob
Alien: @bigrob
Aliens: @bigrob
Alien Franchise: @digitalbabe @raspor
Avatar: @AlienKing
Batman vs. Superman: @Collector03601
The Big Lebowski: @raspor
Blade Runner Franchise: @raspor @GI_SnakeEyes @kryptonite
Book of Eli: @Wreck
Braveheart: @Wreck
The Breakfast Club: @DJ IXS
Breaking Bad: @Noodles
Coco: @bloodsnake007 @Wreck
The Crow: @TheCollector86
The Dark Knight Trilogy: @Collector03601 @kryptonite
DC Animated: @Collector03601
Deadpool Franchise: @bloodsnake007 @kryptonite
Die Hard Trilogy: @bigrob
Django Unchained: @Wreck @raspor @DJ IXS
Dredd: @bloodsnake007 @kryptonite
Drive: @Wreck @spass @raspor @Noodles @AlienKing
Dune: @bigrob
Dunkirk: @Collector03601
Evil Dead Franchise: @GI_SnakeEyes
Flash Gordon: @bigrob
From Dusk Till Dawn: @GI_SnakeEyes
Game of Thrones: @GI_SnakeEyes
Ghost In The Shell: @bloodsnake007
Godzilla(2014): @bloodsnake007
The Goonies: @raspor
Harry Potter Franchise: @SlimJim24
The Hateful Eight: @Wreck @raspor
HEAT: @Wreck
Highlander: @bigrob
Inception: @Collector03601
Indiana Jones: @raspor
Inglourious Basterds: @Wreck @raspor @kryptonite
Insomnia: @Collector03601
Interstellar: @Collector03601 @Wreck
Iron Man: @DJ IXS
It Follows: @Flloydo
John Wick: @bloodsnake007 @kryptonite @TheCollector86
Jurassic Park Franchise: @raspor @myraan_
Kill Bill: @DJ IXS @Flloydo
King Kong: @bloodsnake007
Kong Skull Island: @bloodsnake007
Looper: @raspor @Collector03601
Lost: @Noodles
Man of Steel: @AlienKing @Collector03601
Marvel Cinematic Universe: @Flloydo @kryptonite
Marvel Universe (Film, TV, Netflix): @GI_SnakeEyes
The Matrix Franchise: @AlienKing
Memento: @Collector03601
Nacho Libre: @bloodsnake007
Planet of the Apes Franchise: @bloodsnake007
Predator Franchise: @raspor
The Prestige: @Collector03601
Quentin Tarantino Movies: @Wreck @raspor @DJ IXS
The Raid Franchise: @bloodsnake007
Robert Rodriguez Movies: @raspor
Robin Hood: @Wreck
Scarface: @Wreck @DJ IXS
Sherlock Holmes Franchise: @Collector03601
Sin City: @Asopp
Star Trek Franchise: @kryptonite
Stranger Things Franchise: @Noodles
Sucker Punch: @Collector03601
Terminator Franchise: @GI_SnakeEyes
The Thing: @Flloydo
Tombstone: @Wreck
Top Gun: @GI_SnakeEyes
Total Recall: @bigrob
Tron/Tron Legacy: @Asopp
Turbo Kid: @raspor
Underworld Franchise: @Collector03601
The Walking Dead: @GI_SnakeEyes
The Watchmen: @Collector03601
The Wolf of Wall Street: @DJ IXS
Wonder Woman: @kryptonite

Moderately Collecting:
(Pick N Choose which we pick-up, but have no issue owning many of the same title)

300: @raspor
Alien: @tridon @C.C. 95
Aliens: @C.C. 95
Arrival: @Collector03601
The Avengers: @DJ IXS
Back to the Future Franchise: @C.C. 95
Batman (1989): @Collector03601
Big Trouble In Little China: @C.C. 95
Blade Runner Franchise: @Collector03601 @C.C. 95
Captain America Civil War: @DJ IXS
Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter: @C.C. 95
Cinderella: @DJ IXS
Constantine: @C.C. 95
The Dark Knight: @Flloydo
The Dark Knight Trilogy: @Wreck @C.C. 95
DC Universe: @Asopp @AlienKing
Die Hard: @C.C. 95
District 9: @Wreck
Dredd: @Noodles @C.C. 95
Drive: @Flloydo @Collector03601
Fight Club: @Flloydo
The Godfather Trilogy: @spass
Godzilla (2014): @Collector03601
The Goodfellas: @DJ IXS
The Goonies: @DJ IXS
Guardians of the Galaxy: @Wreck
Harry Potter: @elle82
The Hurt Locker: @Wreck
Indiana Jones: @C.C. 95
Iron Man: @Wreck
Jaws: @Wreck
John Wick: @AlienKing @C.C. 95
Jurassic Park: @tridon @elle82
Justice League: @Collector03601
Kill Bill: @Noodles
LOTR/Hobbit: @raspor @elle82
Marvel Universe: @Wreck
The Matrix: @Noodles @C.C. 95
Nightcrawler: @Flloydo
Pacific Rim: @tridon @bloodsnake007
The Pianist: @DJ IXS
Pulp Fiction: @Noodles
Sin City: @Noodles
Star Trek: @Collector03601 @C.C. 95
Star Trek Into Darkness: @Collector03601
Star Wars: @Noodles
Suicide Squad: @Collector03601
The Thing: @C.C. 95
Terminator: @raspor @kryptonite
Transcendence: @Collector03601
Tron Legacy: @Noodles
The Walking Dead Franchise: @elle82
The Watchmen: @Noodles
Wolverine Franchise: @tridon @Wreck
Wonder Woman: @Collector03601
World War Z: @Collector03601
X-Men Franchise: @tridon
Zootopia: @Wreck

Actor/Actress/Director/Studio Collecting:
(moderately) ... *=Serious

Al Pacino: @Wreck
Christopher Nolan: @Collector03601
Disney Animated: @SlimJim24 @Flloydo
Jake Gyllenhaal: @AlienKing
Jet Li: @AlienKing *
Neil Blomkamp: @AlienKing
Quentin Tarantino: @Flloydo
Robert De Niro: @Wreck
Stanley Kubrick: @C.C. 95
Tony Jaa: @AlienKing *
Wes Anderson: @Flloydo

(moderately) ... *=Serious

The Last of Us Franchise: @Noodles*
Metal Gear Solid Franchise: @tridon @Wreck @TheCollector86
Uncharted Franchise: @Wreck
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Dec 29, 2015
Seriously Collecting
John Wick
King King
Evil Dead/Army of Darkness
Friday The 13th