Heathers - 30th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray SteelBook) [USA]

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  • The Legacy of HEATHERS: Interview with Michael Lehmann and Daniel Waters
  • The Nice Heather: Interview with Lisanne Falk
  • Audio Interview with Composer David Newman with Isolated Score Selection

  • Audio Commentary with Director Michael Lehmann, Producer Denise Di Novi and Writer Daniel Waters
  • Featurette: Return to Westerburg High
  • Featurette: Swatch Dogs & Diet Coke Heads
  • Trailer and more
Mar 24, 2013
This is the only art I would ever accept. Fold lines and all.
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Possibly getting you mixed up with someone else but I'm thinking it may have been you grumbling about the fold lines on the recent Marvel original posters steelbook collection ...
Similar style Gif to the one I found and posted about a month ago in the HOME ALONE/HOME ALONE 2 thread and which may be relevant to some collectors ... not me I hasten to add ...

... as I quite like the clean design with the front art in airbrushed style like the LEON steelbook yet still hinting at the mayhem in the movie by the blood splatters on the head of the croquet mallet . . . the back in similar design to the posters for the recent US and UK theatre productions from 2014 and 2018 ...

... and the striped pencil adding interest to the part of the steelbook where art is nearly always absent - unless you count thumbnail pics as art - i.e. the spine . . . not sure about the "2 disc" text at the top or the way they've done the title and also not sure I remember a striped pencil playing a part in the film although of course a striped mallet certainly does.

For the release with the best packaging you have to go back 10 years to the locker release in the US-
The art isnt that bad, just hits you at first then grows on you .... well, at least me. More so cause I can tell it was real art made and not slapped together or too minimal. And I appreciate that. Tho I can undestand others sentiments as well as a Winona is good enough on her own that photo realistic would sell well too.

I think when catalog titles come to steelbook for the first time they should come with original theatrical posters.
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The covers not bad. It's just it doesn't really look much like the actress. That's the problem with it.
yeah to some degree. but I sometimes, and i mean only sometimes can accept that as i then know its authentic as there are some poster artists who copy and paste photoshop then just slap a filter on top and act as if they painted it etc.

Im not a fan of the title font tho or even the actors name font.
Oct 31, 2014
So it’s not even going to include to the new transfer? Can’t imagine why anyone would want this, and it will be a huge disappointment, if it doesn’t.
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