Heist aka Hei$t Megathread

Hei$t by Codemasters
September 30th 2009


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Customize and upgrade the coolest cars and participate in getaway driving
execute bank robberies involving safecracking, crowd control and shootouts
commit car jackings, hold up strip joints, and customize hideouts
control a squad of degenerate criminals each with unique attitude and debased personalities
take your crew online up to 8 players

Hatch the ultimate Bay Area crime spree! Heist lets you take part in robberies and car chases that'll rival your favorite movie scenes.
More than just a game about cops and robbers, Hei$t makes you work your way up in the world of crime in order to pull off the big scores. Executing bank robberies involves safecracking, crowd control, and shoot-outs. But that's not all. You'll be motivated to knock off bars, restaurants, strip clubs, armored cars and more, in order to acquire bigger and better tools needed to crack the toughest banks. Make a quick getaway, because the fuzz will do everything within their means to stop gamers from making the great escape.

As you work your way up on the streets of San Francisco, Hei$t allows you to customize and upgrade the coolest cars and roam a free-range city built for speed. Best of all, you can take your crew online with unique multiplayer modes for up to eight players.

Product Description
Heist allows you to become the leader of a group of renegade criminals as you rob and steal your way throughout San Francisco, while setting your sites on the big score - the Mint. It's 1969, the summer of love in San Francisco. Play as Johnny Sutton, fresh out of jail and a descendant from a long line of big-time thieves, including his father who was gunned down during a job some years back. Together with your Uncle Sal and reunited crew, you set off to pull off dozens of heists that will inevitably make a name for you as the greatest bank robber of all time. In addition to robbing banks, each with a specific set of security precautions, you will be highly motivated to pull off other jobs, including knocking off bars, restaurants, strip clubs, armored cars, and more; in order to acquire bigger and better tools needed to penetrate increasingly more difficult banks. After each hit, Heist will challenge you to make a quick getaway, speeding and screeching through the streets of San Francisco as the cops trail inches behind. The fuzz will do everything within their means to stop you from making the great escape. They will bump, ram, form barricades, and attempt to force PIT maneuvers to spin the getaway vehicle out of control, while trying to keep civilian losses to a minimum. Heist is designed so that you feel like part of the best robberies and car chases from classic movies.
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Heist is no more

Remember Heist? No? Hardly surprising, given the fact we’ve heard little on the Codemasters crime romp since its unveiling back in March 2007. Those of you who were looking forward to it, however, may be disappointed to learn that the project has been officially canned. Bugger.

Speaking in a statement to the folks at IGN today, Codemasters stated: "After a much extended development period, Heist has been terminated as a project and removed from our release schedule.

"Codemasters is focusing its future portfolio on high quality titles that will, in the majority, be developed and produced by our internal studios."

For those unaware, Heist was in development over at inXile Entertainment and was going to place in late 1960s San Francisco, with players controlling a group of dodgy gun-toting, bank robbing criminals.