Help with releases from French boutique label


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May 16, 2013
In Technicolor

Just wanted to see if there was anybody in France who could help me out semi-regularly with the releases from the label Spectrum Films. They specialise in Asian movies and release a lot of incredibly hard-to-find Hong Kong movies on Blu-ray that aren't available anywhere else. For whatever reason, they stopped having distribution through retailers like Amazon and FNAC and you can only buy direct. Being on Amazon doesn't really help me anyway because Australia's been locked out of the non-US Amazons for two years now with no end in sight.

They actually ship overseas and for a pretty cheap flat rate. However, I received part of my first order from them today and their packaging suuuucks—all four slipboxes were crushed and the cases cracked and bent. It's great they ship overseas but their packaging definitely isn't up to it.

Appreciate any help :thumbs: