Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Collector's Edition) (Walmart Exclusive) [USA]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: July 25, 2023
Purchase link: Walmart
Price: $21.94


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Cinedigm, in conjunction with Cult Screenings UK Ltd and Unannounced Film Company, announced today that the SCREAMBOX Original documentary Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story will get a Steelbook release and a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray! The news was first reported by our friends over at Collider this afternoon.

Releasing on July 25, the Steelbook – featuring art by Creepy Duck – will be available exclusively through Walmart and the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will be available where Blu-rays are sold.

Special Features Include (featured in both the Steelbook & Collector’s Edition Blu-ray):

  • Horror Icons
  • Nightmare Cafe with Jack Coleman
  • A Conversation with the Directors
  • Robert Englund: Chatterbox
  • A Peek Behind the Curtain: Dance Macabre
  • Official Trailer

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So there's a Chucky documentary, now this one. I wonder if there'll be something about Jason. There was a feature length Still Screaming one from over 11 years ago for the first 3 Screams

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I don't understand,
Because why aren't the Nightmare series steelbooks being released~!??? :(
I hope the Nightmare series steelbooks come out. :(
Like the Friday the 13th series steelbooks...! :(
Waiting for my Raro OC box to be shipped. It's the best "premium" edition to date imo. But yes, release the steels with original art work :)
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SteelBook is still not yet listed on Walmart

They have the Amaray Collector's Slipcover Edition listed

Does Walmart know they supposed to have a SteelBook exclusive :LOL:
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