I'm looking for "X" SteelBook can anyone help me find it? (No 'Haves')

This thread is for people to help others locate Steelbooks they're looking for. No trades or items you 'have'.

Please use the following format below:

  1. What steelbook you're looking for + country it was released.
  2. If it should be sealed or unsealed.
  3. What condition it should be in! (Mint = meaning no dings, dents, scratches, paint chips, rips to wrapping, loose discs etc)
  4. If you wish to trade for the item - post a url link to your trade thread. (create a thread if you don't have one!)
  5. Or if you wish to buy a copy + your budget price


  1. Wizard of Oz CA Steelbook
  2. Unsealed (plan to watch it)
  3. Mint but mainly no scratches
  4. I prefer TRADE otherwise willing to pay cash (£20?).

If you think you can help the finder please keep discussion in this thread to examples as follows:

"The steelbook is located on ebay at"
"ninjaname is selling/trading one in his thread" (With url link)
"PM sent"

What NOT to post: "The Wizard of Oz :)" or "I have a copy of steelbook x for y price". Private message this information to the requesting party or post a Steelbook 'want' thread in Steelbook Trading area, so that both buyer and seller are protected.

Thank you and good luck to everyone in their search.
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looking to trade

Spider-Man-Far-From-Home-Steelbook-Edition-Speciale-Fnac-Blu-ray-3D or spider-man-far-from-home-3d-2d-blu-ray-steelbook-hmv-exclusive-uk.
Terminator Dark Fate 4K US /Canada


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Dec 19, 2012
Ontario, Canada
In search of the following steelbooks to purchase:
- John Wick Novamedia 1/4 slip OR lenticular slip (NE #4) sealed or open (mint / near mint)
- Sicario FilmArena FAC #35 edition 1 or 2 sealed or open (mint / near mint)

Thanks in advance.
Apr 29, 2014
Somerset, UK
Happy New Year Everyone! Hoping somebody can help me out with locating a copy of this one.
Doesn't have to be mint/sealed/in perfect condition, as long as any defects are known and it's priced accordingly.
Would be looking to buy with a budget of around £65 plus shipping (within EU would be great to minimise shipping cost and avoid import duties, but hey, I'll consider one from anywhere!):

Spider-Man: Far From Home B Type Lenticular(4disc: 4K UHD + 3D + 2D + Bonus Disc) (O-ring) Steelbook LE(Weetcollcection Collection No.15)
looking to trade

Spider-Man-Far-From-Home-Steelbook-Edition-Speciale-Fnac-Blu-ray-3D or
Terminator Dark Fate 4K US /Canada
Jan 13, 2018
I've been looking for a sealed copy of Novamedia's Kill Bill Vol. 1 full slip B for over 1,5 years now. If anyone owns one and is willing to sell it for a sensible price, please let me know. Thanks
Sep 16, 2012
Looking to buy, sealed or unsealed but really mint, no eBay prices please.

- Avengers Age of Ultron /Novamedia (lenticular slip only/no steelbook)

Also I'm looking for an American member help for some BestBuy Steelbook Editions to send to France, please PM me.

Many thanks!!
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Sep 29, 2018
Looking to buy Venom Japan Amazon exclusive Premium box 4k/3d/2d set (I don't need the DVD extra). Sealed please, thanks
May 22, 2010
california usa
looking for interview with the vampire steelbook lenti edition, memento kimchi any edition and whiplash kimchi lenti all opened preferably willing to pay 300.00 USA for them but open to negotiations :)