I'm looking for "X" SteelBook can anyone help me find it? (No 'Haves')

This thread is for people to help others locate Steelbooks they're looking for. No trades or items you 'have'.

Please use the following format below:

  1. What steelbook you're looking for + country it was released.
  2. If it should be sealed or unsealed.
  3. What condition it should be in! (Mint = meaning no dings, dents, scratches, paint chips, rips to wrapping, loose discs etc)
  4. If you wish to trade for the item - post a url link to your trade thread. (create a thread if you don't have one!)
  5. Or if you wish to buy a copy + your budget price


  1. Wizard of Oz CA Steelbook
  2. Unsealed (plan to watch it)
  3. Mint but mainly no scratches
  4. I prefer TRADE otherwise willing to pay cash (£20?).

If you think you can help the finder please keep discussion in this thread to examples as follows:

"The steelbook is located on ebay at"
"ninjaname is selling/trading one in his thread" (With url link)
"PM sent"

What NOT to post: "The Wizard of Oz :)" or "I have a copy of steelbook x for y price". Private message this information to the requesting party or post a Steelbook 'want' thread in Steelbook Trading area, so that both buyer and seller are protected.

Thank you and good luck to everyone in their search.
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Jun 7, 2019
Another long shot :LOL:but looking to buy/trade:

Blufans Doctor Strange Double Lenticular

**UPDATE: Now found!**
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Sep 23, 2011
I'm looking for the following Scream Factory releases (sealed/mint only):
  1. Humanoids from the deep
  2. Halloween 2
  3. Halloween 3
  4. They Live
  5. The Thing
  6. The Howling
  7. Lifeforce


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Apr 1, 2018
Looking to buy the following sealed or open/mint.

Blade 2 UK (white/silver background)
Bllade 3 UK (white/silver background)
Xmen trilogy pt.1 (green with prof. x on cover)
Venom Amazon JP exclusive
Xmen Days of Future Past Rogue Cut german (mystique on cover)

I am located in the US. Send me a total price shipped if you are selling any of these. Thanks.
Jul 22, 2020
Looking for copies of the following;

Sicario 2 kimchidvd
Atomic Blonde kimchidvd
From Dusk Till Dawn kimchidvd

I'm UK based. Let me know. Cheers


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Mar 31, 2014
London, UK
I probably have more chance of finding rocking horse sh*t, but I am looking for the Plain Archive release of I Saw the Devil (PET Full Slip) sealed if possible. I know it won't be cheap, but I'm hoping it wouldn't be ridiculously expensive either lol. I won't hold my breath, just thought I'd ask on the off chance.


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Apr 23, 2012
Skipton, UK
I am looking to purchase the following new sealed steelies at a reasonable price if possible:-

Oldboy Plain Archive Full Slip Type A
Exorcist Black Barons/Filmarena
US Manta Lab Full Slip
Leon Full Slip Kimchi
Gravity Blufans Lenticular full Slip
GOTG Novamedia Full Slip Type A

Thanks, I am based in the UK


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Dec 31, 2020
I'm after The Terminator FAC#12 release and after Ford v Ferrari WeET or HDZeta.
Looking only sealed releases no opened versions.

EDIT: I got Ford v Ferrari HDZeta. Still looking for Terminator #12 FAC version.
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DVD? No thanks.
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Jan 26, 2018
Still looking for a few Novamedia (factory sealed and mint):
- GotG (full slip with the whole group),
- Pulp Fiction (where she snorts).
PM me your offers. Thanks.

Billy Talent

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May 24, 2020
Looking to buy:

- Wonder Woman OneClick HDZETA
- Doctor Strange Blufans OneClick
- AQUAMAN Oneclick HDzeta
- Shazam Oneclick HDzeta

- Venom Oneclick Blufans
- Fantastic Beasts Oneclick Blufans
-John Wich Chapter 3 Parabellum Novamedia #25 OC

-Batman Trilogy With Mother Box HDzeta
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