4K UHD Indiana Jones - The Complete Collection (4K and Blu-ray) [USA]


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Jan 4, 2012
Release date: June 8, 2021
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Wow. My post was edited by a mod.

They replaced a colon after 'Indiana Jones' with a 'dash' and '&' with 'and' (even though there are other threads like this as I copied the format)

WTF? :confused:

How pedantic.
Glass half full, glass half empty.

Each board can be different esp depending on how said mod of said board manages said board. Of course there tends to be a lot of crossover in structure format across many boards, but we do allow some freedom for those willing to volunteer said time to do the tedious work editing/tidying up, etc to try to keep structure etc.

In which case I haven't visited this board in a while, so curious as to what you said I simply went back to the board and scrolled down and do see this title structure does match all the other threads in this board. I could see where one may think its a petty edit (glass half full), but on other hand there is a person volunteering their time to edit and stay on top of all the threads made and thus they form a habit. We have to be thankful for that ... so while your edit may be small, imagine those from n00bs who post something like "Matrix 4k" ... point being behavioral habits are made so a person doing those edits when "staying on top of" will form a habit and it can be robotic in nature ... meaning their is no offense behind it. ie. dont get in your feelings so much. :p More importantly we are thankful for your contributions of creating the thread in the first place. :thumbs:

ps. I only wrote so much of an explanation (tho I didnt do the edit) because you are an HDN veteran and valued member.
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