IT Chapter Two (4K and Blu-ray SteelBooks) (Black Barons Collection #26) [Czech Republic]

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Jun 30, 2014
Alexandria Safe-Zone
Release date: August 19, 2020
Purchase links: Edition 1 - Edition 2
Price: 1599 CZK (E1) - 1199 CZK (E2)
Group buy: hosted by @carllenc E1 - E2
Note: E1 WWA Generic 4K SteelBook (3 BD: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray + Bonus Blu-ray) - 501 copies - E2 WWA Generic SteelBook (2 BD: Blu-ray + Bonus Blu-ray) - 501 copies - Hardbox gift for purchasing E1 + E2)

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Apr 28, 2011
Dear Collectors,

let us kindly notify you that this generic IT CHAPTER TWO SteelBook as well as the other generic 4K SteelBook IT CHAPTER TWO will be used for two premium editions that will be released in cooperation of FilmArena and BlackBarons teams.

We plan to create one premium edition for each SteelBook. Collectors who buy both premium editions will receive a Hard Box Gift.

The 4K SteelBook IT CHAPTER TWO will be presented live tomorrow.

Just a reminder that IT (1990) premium edition and IT (2017) premium edition will be released in BLACK BARONS collection. We plan to introduce them to you soon.

Have a nice weekend.
JC for FA and BB Teams

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Mar 12, 2018
Anyone know if Black Barons might do a hardbox for all three editions? Alita hardbox was really nice
There was a hard box planned for both editions of It Chapter Two (BB will do one edition and FA will do another). None has been mentioned for the 1990 & 2017 films so most likely not.
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