Jurassic World: The Ultimate Collection (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: October 31, 2023
Purchase link: Best Buy
Price: $119.99

Shocking artworks. They looks like images from kids lunchboxes. Couldn’t stand the other library set either but at least it was much nicer than this
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steelbook art make it a no-go for me, at that price, but for 49.99 or less, i might grab it.
Wow, they look prettier than the European boring logo ones.
Still I'd have preferred actor faces on the front covers - make them in Indiana Jones style, or The Fast and the Furious style, I don't care, but I want to see actual people starring in these movies.
These dinosaurs could go on the back. How hard is that?
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Outer package looks very nice, while artwork on steelbooks reminds me on one of 30th anniversary steelbook of Jurassic Park I.
Don't know which is worse - that one or this one.
30th anniversary steel and slip looks miles better than this monstrosity
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Box is the best thing. Wish I could buy that separately to fit my steels