Lionsgate partners with Tarantino for new 4K releases


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Aug 6, 2010
Lionsgate said today it’s partnered with Quentin Tarantino for distribution rights to three of the director’s iconic films – Kill Bill Volumes I & II and Jackie Brown.

Beginning with Reservoir Dogs, a Lionsgate library favorite for nearly 20 years, “we’ve grown what is now Hollywood’s largest portfolio of Tarantino films to include Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight and Death Proof in addition to the movies we just picked up,” said CEO Jon Feltheimer on the company’s post-earning conference call.
He said the studio and Tarantino team will celebration Kill Bill’s 20th anniversary later this year with a new, remastered 4K edition.
“It was a coup for us to get the three Quentin Tarantino movies,” said Jim Packer, head of worldwide television and digital, on the call. We have eight, which gives our library a unique situation in Hollywood, and we want to take advantage of that.”


please stunning kill bill 1 & 2 steelbooks
Going by Lionsgate info
Reservoir Dogs was already with Lionsgate

New distribution rights to
Inglourious Basterds
Django Unchained
The Hateful Eight
Death Proof
Kill Bil Volume 1
Kill Bill Volume 2
Jackie Brown

Surprised they got Inglourious Basterds as that was previously with Universal and still listed with Universal International
I wonder is Inglourious Basterds worldwide going to be with Lionsgate or just going to be North America

Has Universal UK/Ireland lost the distribution rights to Inglourious Basterds as that affects Arrow Video if they still are planning on doing their own release

Kill Bill 1/2 and Jackie Brown has been available on Lionsgate+ UK/Ireland streaming service a while now