(Long overdue) Greetings from Australia!


Would you believe that after years of lurking and a couple of months of randomly posting in the Steelbook forum, I've only *just* discovered this 'introduce yourself' thread?

Er... Ooops. That'll teach me for not venturing outside of all of that wonderful steelbook info!

Anyhoo! I'm in Adelaide, Australia, may possibly be in the minority here because I'm female, and I suppose I've been 'on and off' collecting Steelbooks for just over 3 years now and probably have around 100 or so.

My number one collecting 'goal' is any steels of movies Jeremy Renner is in.
Number two is Marvel / Avengers.
And three is... If I like it!

I open my steels, poke around any bits and pieces that come with them, and generally shrug off any minor scratches they may come with.

I think what I like most about Steelbooks is the packaging - I'm a sucker for packaging!

So... Yes. Better late than never, hello! (I absolutely love the Steelbook forum - without it I wouldn't even know that places like Novamedia or Film Arena even existed!)


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WELCOME @Talithax! :cool: Long OVERDUE indeed! :rofl: Better late than never is what I say :woot: :D

Great intro! :thumbs:
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