Luke Cage (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

Mar 24, 2013
Not up there with the very nice-looking DAREDEVIL 1 & 2 and JESSICA JONES but loads better than both AGENT CARTER steelbooks.

Pics courtesy Zavvi

Feb 16, 2011
Essex, UK
If I were joking I'd start by saying something like "What do you call a man with no shins......."
Not really funny when Zavvi have taken money from me, haven't dispatched my steelbook whilst fobbing me off with excuses while you've had two sent to you.


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Apr 3, 2012
Definitely you need to get on to this Tony straight away. Personally I don't think he's got a leg to stand on.


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Dec 25, 2013
Delta City
Has there any word on if we'll ever get the steelbook releases of the remaining Netflix Marvel series or are they just dead in the water?