[Mad Duck Posters] Alfred Hitchcock's Rope by Greg Ruth


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Aug 29, 2011
New York, NY
"Nothing ever held you like Alfred Hitchcock's Rope. It's his most nerve-stretching thriller!" - Original Tagline

Alfred Hitchcock's Rope is one of the best crime/mystery movies ever made. Two young men believe they have committed the perfect crime, and as they become increasingly more daring, their old teacher begins to suspect...

The movie is unique in movie history as it required just 10 shots to film! As a comparison, The Birds required 1360 shots to complete the film.

We reached out to Greg Ruth to create posters for the movie, and the artist did an amazing job capturing the intensity and feelings the movie evokes with his stunning composition!

Check out what Greg Ruth has to say about the movie and his artwork in the Blog HERE!
Posters go on sale Thursday, October 26th at 12PM EST HERE!

*Color Separations by Saniose.*
**Posters are officially licensed.**


Regular Edition, 24X36 Screen Print, Run of 200, $80


Variant Edition, 24X36 Screen Print on Kraft-Tone Paper Bag Kraft Paper, Run of 100, $100
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