Manta Lab - Retailer Thread (now sales website operated by Collectong)


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Aug 6, 2014

New sales website: Collectors from Kwun Tong. HK SAR

ME#1 - Man of Steel
ME#2 - The Revenant
ME#3 - Constantine
ME#4 - Kingsman
ME#5 - Walter Mitty
ME#6 - Fight Club
ME#7 - La La Land
ME#8 - Logan
ME#9 - Fantasic Beasts
ME#10 - Alien Covenant
ME#11 - Wonder Woman
ME#12 - Ex Machina
ME#13 - Planet of the Apes
ME#14 - Se7en
ME#15 - Justice League
ME#16 - ?
ME#17 - Ready Player One
ME#18 - Shape of Water
ME#19 - Greatest Showman
ME#20 - Deadpool 2
ME#21 - First Man
ME#22 - ?
ME#23 - Inglorious Basterds
ME#24 - Aquaman
ME#25 - A Star is Born
ME#26 -
ME#27 -
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Nov 29, 2016
He emailed us few days back and I knew about it since October. Nothing changes for you, business as usual. Manta still makes products we will buy.
Cool, thanks for the (fast) reply and the clearification:thumbs::)
Was a bit afraid they wouldnt do the MEs anymore


all hail jonnybobbytimmy
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Feb 16, 2016
John posted this on Facebook, a few hours ago:

Hello everyone! This is John from Manta Lab. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying year 2020 so far.

I am here to make a short notice about our company changes in 2020. Last year, our Warner Home Video partner has exited the industry and without the licensee in our territory, we have bid to become the licensee for WHV and after months of selection process, our company was selected as a new licensee. Because of this, we've been working mostly on Warner Home Video releases (These releases have strict deadlines) and couldn't spend a lot of time on creating exclusives. We've been working on few releases including Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Scarface so I hope they will be released soon.

Because we've become the licensee of WHV, we have decided to move the sales / customer service part of our Exclusive products to another company to streamline our operation.We are working on the details at the moment with the company which will be handling our products. There will be some changes to our website and our social media in coming weeks but we will keep our support mail open to handle all orders up to US and to keep a channel to get our customers feedback on our products.

Due to many external factors affecting our business, we've been moving a little slow but we hope things will turn out for the best in 2020 for us.

Lastly, I want to thank all of our customers who have supported the brand and our products for past 4 years. Without you guys, our company and I couldn't have lasted 4 years. Thank you all and if you have any comments, questions or simple hello to us, don't hesitate to email us.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Source: Manta Lab Facebook

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Feb 16, 2018
New Zealand
Good on John. One of the few premium retailers that gives factual and reasonable updates. I wish him and ML success in their new venture.

But bring on the premiums guys.
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Jun 4, 2015
The Iron Giant is a no brainer here.
Followed by Blade Runner as I'd love to see what Manta could do with it. much as I'd love them to do something special with The Matrix, I think I could do without the trilogy.
So I'd say Edge of Tomorrow for my third choice.


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Mar 12, 2018
Yeah pretty silly they added RPO to the list.

I guess Matrix if they don’t use the latest key/spoon art.
Iron giant


DVD? No thanks.
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Jan 26, 2018
I've already told 'em on Facebook:
You've already released RPO so that's out of competition. I'd pick titles not already released by other retailers so I'd go for: 1. The Matrix trilogy, 2. Mars Attacks and 3. Space Jam. Westworld is TV serie so it's weird you've picked it up but it would be awesome if you'd release the 1973 film!
But then I realized that it's a post clearly made to gather suggestions for what Manta Lab is doing now (WB retailer) and not for any premium release (Manta Exclusives).