Mudvayne's LD 50


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Apr 28, 2009
So there's a track on this album I just cannot stop loving. In fact I'd lost this album well over 6 years ago but the track "Under my Skin" was a song I must have burned out of the CD I listened to it so much

so I was at work today programming away and just said "F it" and put up the 99 cents for the track download... man it was like a shot in the arm!

freaking still love this song after all this time, especially when he "freestyles"

"You were there like a punk just to get in my face wanted in me wanted to be until I gave you a taste. Don't need your goddamn pressure frontin stress I'm superman motherfu*ker without the "s" on my chest. Trying to step in my circle I'm leaving you purple and black on your back drop your ass like a heart attack, rippin through your life like a motherf*ckin hurricane, fist full of novacain, for the pain... you're nothing, in my life, in my head. Nailed inside my head, you're under my f*ckin' skin!"

I pounded people to this song back in the day.. it'd psych me up and I'd go ape.. sounded killer in my then pontiac's stereo system and absolutely insane on my home stereo.. the bass hits and aggressive rhythm structure just makes you want to crush things

anyways, just wanted to share and if you're a hardcore fan or just like to hear a badass song once in awhile, pick it up