New PS3 Bundle - Europe Only?

Jan 29, 2009
Though many expected a price-cut to be announced for the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) at Sony’s Pre-E3 Press Conference, there was none forthcoming. With the company insisting after the event that the trade show and media gathering isn’t the right place to announce a drop in the system’s Recommended Retail Price, many reading between the lines have cited the company’s unwillingness to devalue the Blu-ray component of the system as a roadblock for the console’s market placement. While it appears an official price-drop may remain months away, it hasn’t stopped Sony promoting the system with “better value” bundles, such as this new offering which Electronic Theatre has received word about.

The new bundle is set to include an 80GB PLAYSTATION 3PLAYSTATION 3 Terminator Bundle console, along with Terminator Salvation, due for release tomorrow, Friday 12th June 2009, and a copy of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines on Blu-ray. The bundle will launch on June 26th, 2009, with a Recommended Retail Price of £309.99.

This latest bundle offer joins a long line of pre-packaged PS3 hardware and software, and will no doubt help to raise the profile of the system on UK shop shelves, but that long-awaited price-drop is still top of many gamers’ lists. As ever, Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the PS3.



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I'd like to see the US get some more great bundles. similar to the MGS4 bundle. I'm hoping they announce something like an Uncharted 2 bundle or something where the price point makes it a good deal though. Or maybe the price cut will happen before that game comes out.

Seems like we hear about a lot of bundles that make it to Europe, Japan, etc but not too many good ones here in the US.


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We should start getting some bundles like the Japanese! That Yakuza white PS3 with the Dragon decal was just simply awesome!

I agree. That white one is awesome. Sometimes I don't understand Sony....Do they think nobody in the US, Europe wants one of those? I'd pick one up even before a price drop if they sold those in the US.