Sep 23, 2018
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signed up very recently but got banned lol because i was trying to get 20 messages so i could post in the 'looking for X steelbook' thread.

not sure how to get 20 message posts without useless posts.

I don't collect steelbooks but only looking for a handful of films in steelbooks.

Looking for Project X steelbook in sealed or like-new condition, if anyone has it for sale.

And Goodfellas steelbook atm, there's some on ebay but looking for the right price. (think its the 2011 canadian release, the cover is all black with just the 3 characters on the front and with artwork inside aswell)
The Barcode for it is 883929176533
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Jan 21, 2011
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Welcome to the forum @yo! it’s not too hard to get to 20 posts without spamming. If you use full sentences rather than 2 word answers it feels like you are getting involved more. We try and encourage people to participate in the forums. If you see a Steelbook or edition you like why not tell us what you like about the edition. We don’t delete posts normally, it’s only those that are spammy that get removed. Welcome to the forum!:)