Ocean's Trilogy (Blu-ray G2 Stickerbook) [Spain]


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Feb 28, 2011
Release date: November 20, 2015
Purchase link: Amazon ES
Price: €18 €18.99

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Shame I already own the trilogy with an amaray. Maybe I'll get it sometime when it's cheap, since I'm from Spain and I get free shipment :rofl:
Great films put together plus the price is quite reasonable to but will wait on a different retailer to release if not than probably purchase this instead.
Not sure if this turns out to be G1 because the picture looks a little big.. :wow:

I have just asked amazon.es if they have any info wether this is G1 or G2 size but they say the manufacturer did not give any info about this :/
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Thanks for the pics guys, that doesn't look good. They have even used bare silver stickers rather than white. A definite pass.