Official Inglourious Basterds Fan Club [HDN Award]


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Inglourious Basterds lovers ....

Get the Official IB Award by showing your appreciation of IB.

This could be IB Steelbooks, Hot Toys, Books, Comics, shirts, whatever!

post a pic or video with your name or yourself for proof of some sort.

Your post must receive 30 "Thanks" to receive this award.

30 could become 40 at a later date ...
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Buffalo MX

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Jul 20, 2010
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Yeah how does Buffalo get this award before me. o_0 - I needs me an IB Award, c'mon folks!

Sorry boss, but the strategy to ask for "thanks" at my sig did work :D (and was followed by others ;))


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Jan 21, 2011
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Inglourious Basterds

Totally forgot to post this :emb:

IB Collection :oohyeah:

FR Collectors Box, CA 2nd Edition
UK Amaray with Slipcase + Artcards, DE 1st Edition, CA FS IB Sealed
FR 1st Edition, FR FNAC with artcards, CA FS IB Open

Dec 17, 2010
South west england
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My small but good collection.

Please vote so I can get my badge before the lock happens.

Thanks everyone, I have thanked every post in this thread.

I also have only a few left to get my transformers award in my signature.;)