Official Terminator Fan Club [HDN Award]

Terminator lovers ....

Get the Official Terminator Award by showing your appreciation of The Terminator Franchise.

This could be Terminator Steelbooks, Hot Toys, Books, Comics, shirts, whatever!

post a pic or video with your name or yourself for proof of some sort.

Your post must receive 30 "Thanks" to receive this award.

30 could become 40 at a later date ...
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My Terminator collection

I received my Slash today and had to think about the Musicvideo for "You could be mine" from Guns N´ Roses which is the Soundtrack for T2. So i couldn´t resist and took a pic of my Terminator + Slash together.;)
Who doesn´t know that video should have a look. The song is amazing and the video is really funny.


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WOW COOEY! That is insane!!! You have some AMAZING Items! Who is your T2 Poster all signed by?
Thank you mate!

It's signed by -

* Jannette Goldstein
* Joe Morton
* Michael Beihn
* Linda Hamilton with quote "No fate but what we make"
* Edward Furlong with quote "Chill out dickwad"
* Robert Patrick with quote "I kicked the crap out of the T-800"

I'm hoping one day to meet Xander Berkley and I'm determined to get Arnold to sign it...... maybe he'll attend one of his premiers this year in the UK


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Man, cooey, I feel after looking at your pics, that I just stepped right into the T2 movie. What a collection! If I could, I would double my thanks for you to get this award of which you are totally worthy of!