Panasonic announces UHD Blu-ray player for late 2016


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From Yahoo

Panasonic today confirmed its plans to introduce an Ultra HD Blu-ray player “later this year” during its press conference at CES 2016, making it just the second major manufacturer to do so along with Samsung. The premium television manufacturer also introduced its CZ950 4K Ultra HD OLED television to the US press, having originally announced and shown the next-gen TV last September at IFA in Berlin. Panasonic added that the new Ultra HD OLED is the first and only to receive THX certification.

The only new video product Panasonic highlighted during the press session was its new flagship Ultra HD LED TV series, the DX900. Panasonic claims the DX900 is the first TV to meet the UHD Alliance’s recently announced Ultra HD Premium specification, which calls for specific color gamut and High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, among other key performance metrics.

As is often the case, pricing and exact availability for the 4K Ultra HD OLED, Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and new DX900 LED TV series were not discussed. We’ll be meeting with Panasonic later this week to get some hands-on time with the new TVs and Ultra HD Blu-ray player and will attempt to get additional details at that time.

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Sep 21, 2012
This UHD player from Panasonic will be out beginning of April in the UK at a retail price of £599....
It's a premium Blu-ray UHD player and has reference picture processing and premium class audio components.
Similar to what the Oppo players do.

With high end audio components and proprietary chroma processing, THX, this should be a superb machine from Panasonic

Got mine on order with a 50% off deal, as I purchased the 65" DX902 4K panel from Panasonic at the same time for the bedroom...
Happy days....:drool::woot::)

For me this is the year to finally go 4K...:cigar:

You also get a 4K copy of San Andreas & Mad Max Fury Road with your purchase....:woot:
Panasonics machine will poop all over Samsung's....:whistle::LOL:
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Wish they would just forget the fads and concentrate on the good stuff.

We need a good, flat screen OLED that actully works to the overall standards (and with the same longevity), of the best Plasmas (none do) from Panasonic - forget 4k - take-up is abysmal by any standards, and the regular broadcast availability is non existent, and will remain that way!

And stop pretending LED can actually be 'reference standard' !
Jun 13, 2014
I popped into Currys last weekend to check the TV out and it's beautiful. The blacks were so deep, no haze on the screen at all. Looks way better than the OLED's behind it...


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Oct 13, 2013
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review what hifi

connections pic of back


one very interesting bit below

Now, a word on 3D. It’s not officially included in the specifications of UHD Blu-rays, but the Panasonic DMP-UB900 is compatible with 3D Blu-rays – so don’t throw them out just yet. We have no problems with our 3D Blu-ray of Life of Pi.

The picture is bright enough and the colours, while not up to HDR performance, are solid. You’ll still need a 3D-compatible 4K TV to see the effect, mind.

basil :thumbs:
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