Plain Archive - SteelBook Retailer Thread [Korea]

Please discuss shipping, customer service, availability etc about this retailer here.

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Q) What is their website address?

Q) Where in the world are they located?
A) South Korea

Q) I don't speak Korean, how can I place an order?
A) They provide an English language version of their website.

Q) Do they ship outside of Korea?
A) Yes, they ship internationally.

Q) Returns/Exchange policy?

Q) What form of packing do they use?
A) A sturdy cardboard box with 2 layers of bubble wrap around the item.

Q) Do they declare a low custom value to prevent a customs fee in my country?
A) They do not officially offer this service, this is due to legal reasons. They do however state they will keep value down the best they can. See for more details:
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