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Jul 28, 2019
United Kingdom
So recently I've been looking through my storage and trying to sort out stuff which I can let go and stuff which I want to keep and I came across my old Gameboy Advance. Brought back so many memories! Nostalgia hit me hard of times when I used to play Pokemon Gameboy games late at night when I was a child so I was considering putting together a Pokemon collection again. I kinda missed out on many of the Nintendo DS releases and after taking a look at all Pokemon releases over the year I find it so confusing with the many remakes and dual games that I don't know where to pick it up from.

Any of you have the experience or kept track of all these releases and have a valid point of what would be a good order of games to collect if I ever get back into playing the games?
From doing a little bit of research yesterday, I came up with the following order:

- Leaf Green + Fire Red are remakes of the Gen I Pokemon Games Red Blue Green Yellow and they are the better versions to play.
- Pokemon Crystal improved on the original Gold / Silver Games but then Heart Gold and Soul Silver went ahead and improved even further.
- Emerald is an improved version of Ruby / Sapphire but later on the Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire are supposed to be topping all that.
- Platinum improved over Diamond / Pearl
- Black/White and Black/White 2 were kinda controversial from what I've read and there seems to be a good majority who prefer either (First B/W for story and second B/W for performance)
- X/Y (No idea where do these 2 stand in the franchise)
- Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon are improved versions of Sun / Moon

So I wonder, would I be alright picking up the following games to have a fairly complete order of play in my collection?

Leaf Green / Fire Red
Crystal / Heart Gold / Soul Silver
Emerald / Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire
Black / White
Black 2 / White 2
Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon

Also, other than having them for collection, would I be alright skipping some of the double releases? Such as instead of picking both Leaf Green + Fire Red just pick up one of them to play? I understand these double releases are very similar in story with just some Pokemons differing from one game to another. Is that correct?

Would appreciate a little insight from some Pokemon fans :whistle: