Prometheus (Possible Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No.?) [Hong Kong]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: TBA
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@BluSteel2012 The Alien franchise titles have been on hold like anything else under the 20th Century Studios umbrella since the Disney acquisition, as the approval process had been shaken up, basically nothing was getting approved during that period. I hope they do continue with these along with Kingsman: The Golden Circle as things start to settle down, but wouldn't be surprised if they dropped those to focus on other titles.
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FAC Prometheus would be hard to beat, so not all that bothered about this one. Definitely NEED an Aliens premium though, both the WWA steels suck (n)

Amen. Personally, Aliens is better of the first two. Ridleys film was great, just preferred Cameron's addition to the franchise (during his prime)