Multi Red Dead Redemption 2 - Ultimate Edition SteelBook

Aug 22, 2011
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Going to wait and see if this one sticks around and drops in price. It hasn't gone out of stock at Game at all, and I doubt a title this big is very limited. I'm still playing ACO and GoW right now anyway. The steel is nothing special, and massively overpriced.
Apr 25, 2013
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Shame considering the inside artwork would have looked better on the outside

Still would have preferred @Noodles mock up to be honest, like I've said I'm sick of bare minimal designs for video game steelbooks lately. Literally just the games logo slapped in the middle of the case with a pretty background.


The Ninth Wave
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Dec 11, 2011
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The look of the steel is good. Doesn't look like it's gloss which is cool considering the game is from the old west so I wanted it a bit gritty. Disappointed there's not debossing on the title.
Nov 9, 2017
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ANOTHER plain underwhelming Game steelbook with LAZY design. The inside art work should definitely be on the outside instead...

Game companies, how about hiring a team that understands steelbooks collectors , especially for games it should have vibrant eye popping art work and not this monotonous boring wall paper steelbook.

To all designers making these boring steelbook designs as well as changing the good art cover from the God of War book to a cover with just the logo you SUCK and dont deserve to be a designer for these game companies!!!

You can tell from all recent LAME steelbooks it is just some average Joe that doesnt care about his job nor is passionate about it and is just doing it to get paid with no passion...

These people need to be FIRED and hire young passsionate people that are fans of the company to be the designers. Can game/marketing designers stop making half a**ed designs that literally my 9 year old niece has better ideas then these so called professionals!! (SMH)

I am finished supporting incompetent, uncreative steelbook designers that haven't got a clue on what collectors want and lazy Wallpaper designs are not IT! Start contracting fans to make steelbooks because game designers/graphic artists are truly WHACK!

This steelbook is not the BEST it can be and it is a shame especially when Rockstar doesnt release these huge blockbusters often.If I were the CEO, I would have made sure every aspect of the packaging is SUPREME, made PASSIONATELY! No passion or creativite thought went into this crappy steelbook design..

Thanks game companies for making another LAZY, PLAIN steelbook!!!!