Saw I-VII (Limited 'Final Trap' Edition) [Germany]

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With Studio Canal is obviously a special edition with all seven films in the SAW series planned.

Since the most recent film of the torture-horror saga on Blu-ray disc was released, is now over a year ago. Given the popularity of the series could have long to wonder why there is not really a collector's edition with all seven films. If you would like StudioCanal change this situation now seems. So at SAW I-VII Limited Edition Final Trap emerged.

According to a first image is in the Special Edition is a very expensive, at least visually prominent case of a replica from the movies with a solid-looking box, which should provide the space for Blu-ray. is called a release date for the limited edition Final trap yet. The submission of a pre-was not at the time of publication of this article possible.

According to the product side, the set will be released over 18 years. During the first two movies in the uncut U.S. Director's Cut will be included, it is the parts 3-7 (at least in this country) can be seen only in censored versions of their type. Whether or not the Collector's Edition will be released outside of Germany is not yet known.

UPDATE (07:05:12): has taken the final edition trap again from the website. Either it was in the listing that is a mistake to jump start an unwanted or Amazon is lying down.
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FYI: When it is sold on then there is a pretty high probability that part 3-7 will be in a cut version since they are banned in their uncut version in germany.
So this set might only be interesting for those of you who allready have the uncut versions since the cut versions really don´t make any fun to watch
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Apr 29, 2012
The first one is great and the second one is decent but the rest I probably won't even watch.
Great looking "box" tho so I'm definitly considering this one.