Mediabook Sirene 1 aka The Rift - Endless Descent (Blu-ray Mediabook) [Germany]

Oct 9, 2019
Sirene 1 aka The Rift / Endless Descent (1990)
An experimental submarine, the "Siren II", with a very experienced crew is sent to find out what happened to the "Siren I", mysteriously disappeared in a submarine rift. Things go awry when they begin to find things that shouldn't be there...

Director: Juan Piquer Simón
Writer: Juan Piquer Simón
Starring: Jack Scalia, R. Lee Ermey, Ray Wise, Deborah Adair, John Toles-Bey, Ely Pouget
Producer: Juan Piquer Simón


- limited to 333 each
- first HD-release in Europe
- 24-page booklet
- featurette: "Danger Below - The effects of "Sirene 1"
- featurette: "What Lurks in the Dark?" - Colin Arthur speaks about "Sirene 1"
- interviews with the actors Ray Wise, Jack Saclia und R. Lee Ermey
- trailer
- image gallery
- DVD-version
- english subtitles​
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Oct 9, 2019
I'll be ordering this and a couple more from Wicked, tomorrow. :)
Definitely getting a "Fantastic Voyage" vibe from that Cover B so that's my preferred choice.
Ermey makes this flik (like most he's in) worth the pick-up.
Cover B looks very good, I can't decide if B or C. C looks a little like The Shape of Water, but cool anyway.
With their new releases Wicked Vision shows that they have an eye for good looking covers and they bring out some titles people ask for.I will buy that "Highway to Hell" Cover B one as well. That cover is awesome and I hope the movie as well.
The spanish Blu-Ray was a bootleg so it is the first official release for Europe.

Did you get the "Die Monster Die" and "Tales that Witness Madness" Mediabooks in the meantime?