Song you're listening to???

five finger death punch - war of the fist
in flames - take this life

at least that's the two songs I've got to so far on my CD

I know I got some crystal method, james labrie solo stuff, little bit o darkseed and meshuggah... and of course no mix cd would be complete without primus' welcome to this world
I love Opeth, listen to those guys regularly. Especially Blackwater Park.

I have been stuck on Megadeath's Tornado of Souls recently. Listen to it a couple times a day and its still awesome:scat:
Listening to a variety the last couple days:

Guns n' Roses
Rolling Stones
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Kings of Leon
Bruno Mars

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Oh, and was listenin to some more Glen-Bob on christmas. I was listening to one of the songs and thought, "hey this songs pretty cool, who is?" And when I checked I noticed it was Glen-Bob's songs.