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Dec 4, 2015
Near Paris France
A little heavy rock video special Halloween I composed and shot with my daughter & her cousins. Halloween Night of the Little Monsters and it is children friendly even though it describes 3 little monsters in it :). Hope you will like it
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Space Cadet

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Nov 26, 2017
...BTW, this is how it should be done. Singer smokes about 5-6 cigs during one song. Massive sound, only one guitar player ! And lyrics about ...

"My hell begins from the 10th and descends to the circle
Six hundred threescore and six
And from there I crawl beneath Lucifer's claws just for one last kiss"

Dec 4, 2015
Near Paris France
Our special Halloween heavy rock song "Halloween Night" is now on Youtube. We blended a tribute to the Halloween tradition of cosplay with our love of the horror slasher films from the 70's and the 80's. You thought Michael Myers and Jason were over... Well check our song to find out :