Spider-Man 8-Movie Collection (4K and Blu-ray Box Sets) [France]


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Nov 13, 2017
dark corner of your closet
That's a really nice price, for the Blu set at least. :)

Those disc leaves we can just barely see, they look rather unique. They seem transparent.
Have you seen that style @IRON MAN (or anyone) before?
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May 24, 2020
There’s actually a couple of good movies in amongst that junk. Nice set though.
I am one of the few that doesn't like Into the Spiderverse, and I recently purchased the spiderman far from home 4k Led version from zavvi for £52.
Should have ordered this one instead I would have had all spiderman movies on 4k instead of one. :(
Probably gonna get this one and see if zavvi will accept a return.
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