Spider-Man: Far From Home (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [Canada]

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Apr 16, 2009
Preordered from BB USA because BB Canada is too *everything not good*...


Available for backorder, whatever, BB USA got my preorder and I already have an order confirmation. I'll keep saying it, man I miss Future Shop. I'd even take BB USA consistency at this point, it's significantly better than BB Canada.

Shadow of Light

The Finite Ninja
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Mar 10, 2011
Vancouver, BC
So, Best Buy Canada fixed the listing, but when I went to check my order, it did not say steelbook on it. I cancelled and did the back order. The order shows correctly now. Others might do the same if your order does not say steelbook on it just in case there is a dispute later on.

Mar 24, 2013
entire artwork revealed plus a look at the WWA international steelbook. just awful

Don't think that's completely accurate as the top one is listed as an Amazon exclusive in France already and could be WWA no.2:-