Spider-Man: Far From Home (4K & Blu-ray SteelBooks) (WeET COLLECTION - Collection No. 15) [Korea]

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Feb 21, 2017
Release date: October 17 , 2019
Purchase links: One Click - Lenti - Full Slip A1 - A2 - A3 (Pre-order on September 27 at 2 PM Korea time) Check your local time HERE
Price: $199 (One Click) - $52.99 (A1or Lenti) - $49.99 (A2) - $44.99 (A3)
Notes: Total print run 2900 copies. Full Slip A1 (4K + 3D + 2D + Bonus) 900 numbered copies. A2 (4K + 2D + Bonus) 500 numbered copies. A3 (3D + 2D + Bonus) 500 numbered copies. Lenticular, O-ring (4K + 3D + 2D + Bonus) 1000 numbered copies. One Click 200 pieces.

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Dec 22, 2011
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That is correct, Germany has a fourth variant on Amazon.de

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I guess I can hope there is going to be a version showing Spidey swinging through the streets of East Los Angeles.
We could use a Spidey to deal with the street gangs.
Apr 21, 2019
This is also the variant used for the 4K+3D steelbook, exclusive to Amazon.de :thumbs:
Missed that one, but it looks like it’s sold out. It’s all good. I’ll pick up the Best Buy version and wait to see what else comes out in the future or if I’m lucky, Zavvi’s version will come back in stock. So far I like it best.


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Jan 28, 2019


Aug 15, 2019
Wow. How they only charge $10 for international shipping?! Unless they factor part of the shipping cost in the price of them itself? Shipping a steelbook from the US to another country cost like $24 now.


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There you go buddy. I was able to snag a Type B lenti

thank you.just ordered A3, only left guys , looks so sexy :naughty::naughty: