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Spoke Art had our bags packed and we were ready to head to NYC for Comic Con...and then COVID-19 had to get in the way. Rather than let it bring us down, we're bringing all our exclusive comic-con releases direct to you from spoke-art.com!

We've been planning this one for quite a while and are excited to share all the fantastic exclusives our artists have been working on. From period pieces to Neo-Tokyo, Spoke Art tried our best to have offerings for all our pop culture collectors.

This year's featured artists include Joshua Budich, Concepción Studios, Nan Lawson, George Townley, Josey Tsao, Ruel Pascual, Germain Barthélémy, Dakota Randall, Ise Ananphada, Jen Bartel and Alex Pardee!! We know, we know, exciting!!!

Joshua Budich continues his Tarantino series with his take on Nazi killin', with a new "Inglourious Basterds" screen print, available in a regular and foil edition. "Dune" (one of our favorite films, who's excited about the new one?!?!?) gets the Concepción Studios treatment, making us have the spice on our minds. We're thrilled to have three new releases from Nan Lawson available for a few of our favorite more recent films, "Little Women," "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" (if you haven't see this it's one of the most beautiful films ever made so watch it) and "The Favourite" featuring one of the funniest actors around, Olivia Colman.

George Townley has created a gorgeous limited edition print for one of the best movies ever, "Ghostbusters"! His depiction of "Hook & Ladder 8" will look great next to your painting of Vigo the Carpathian. For one of the most visually stunning animated movies to be released, "Into the Spider-verse," Josey Tsao has created a beautiful look at the New York skyline...what's that there's even a Spider-Ham appearance! From NY to Tokyo, Ruel Pascual continues his LoFi Hip Hop Beats series with Kaneda on a relaxing ride with his trusty Walkman. We're also excited to share a new limited edition print from first-time Spoke artist, Dakota Randall with a tribute to "Raising Arizona." We can't wait to share more from Dakota in the future!

We may be heading to Shunderland in December but we couldn't wait to share more artwork from the incredible Alex Pardee! Alex's "Sweathog" will be available as a timed edition so need to stress on missing out.

Keep checking this blog post for updates throughout the week including reveals from Jen Bartel, Germain Barthélémy and Ise Ananphada coming soon.

Joshua Budich "We're in the Nazi killing' business and cousin, business is a-boomin"

Alex Pardee "Sweathog"

George Townley "Hook & Ladder 8"

Dakota Randall "Raising Arizona"

Concepción Studios "Dune"

Nan Lawson "Jo" - "Anne" - "Héloïse"

Ruel Pascual "Kaneda's Lofi Hip Hop Beats"

Josey Tsao "Nightly Remix"
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