Star Wars Vinyl Collection Box Set


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Jan 18, 2012
Out January 8, 2016

$229.98 on amazon US
£130.97 on amazon UK

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Dec 3, 2012
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Finally, I knew it would be only a matter of time before they released this....the price tag is pretty high but separately they would probably be £25 each anyways. I am sure the price will drop around release date, or marketplace sellers on Amazon after release date will have it for cheaper


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Nice collection if you don't already have the films on Vinyl (11 Vinyl boxset)

I already have Original first pressings of Star Wars/Empire/Return on Vinyl
I also have all star wars soundtracks on CD as well

I might though double dip on the CD Ultimate collection 9 CDs as that has an exclusive Bonus 10th Disc with interviews and also includes DVD Star Wars: A Musical Journey that was in Revenge of the Jedi CD Soundtrack previously

Ultimate Soundtrack CD Collection includes the original six soundtracks in mini album jackets on 9 CDs, plus a bonus disc featuring a new audio interview with Harrison Ford (Han Solo) alongside an interview with John Williams. Also included is the DVD Star Wars: A Musical Journey
10 CDs + 1 DVD
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Keep an eye on the Amazon Marketplace, I often see vinyl going very cheap from sellers on there (based in UK and US). I am hoping to get it for under £100 at some point lol
Will do dude. :thumbs:

I see it's available on quite a few sites, so I expect the price to drop eventually... I'm also waiting for it to go at least below £100.