SteelBook of the Year 2019 - Official Poll

Best Stand-alone SteelBook of the year 2019!

  • Inglourious Basterds (Manta Lab)

    Votes: 58 31.7%
  • Black Panther (Blufans)

    Votes: 34 18.6%
  • The Dark Knight (HDZeta)

    Votes: 32 17.5%
  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado (KimchiDVD)

    Votes: 9 4.9%
  • Kick Ass (Novamedia)

    Votes: 11 6.0%
  • At World's End (EverythingBlu)

    Votes: 8 4.4%
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (KimchiDVD)

    Votes: 10 5.5%
  • Shawshank Redemption (Germany)

    Votes: 7 3.8%
  • Antman and the Wasp (Zavvi)

    Votes: 12 6.6%
  • The Nice Guys (KimchiDVD)

    Votes: 25 13.7%
  • Black Panther (WeET)

    Votes: 16 8.7%
  • Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (Blufans)

    Votes: 24 13.1%
  • Seven (Manta Lab)

    Votes: 42 23.0%
  • Blade Runner (Titans of Cult)

    Votes: 21 11.5%
  • Alita (Black Barons)

    Votes: 45 24.6%
  • Aquaman (Manta Lab)

    Votes: 27 14.8%
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (WeET)

    Votes: 21 11.5%
  • Frozen (Best Buy)

    Votes: 14 7.7%
  • Deadpool 2 (Manta Lab)

    Votes: 25 13.7%
  • Alien (Film Arena)

    Votes: 43 23.5%
  • Alice In Wonderland (Mondo/Zavvi)

    Votes: 4 2.2%
  • The Incredible Hulk (Blufans)

    Votes: 17 9.3%
  • Venom (Blufans)

    Votes: 40 21.9%
  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Novamedia)

    Votes: 22 12.0%
  • Kong: Skull Island (Zavvi)

    Votes: 14 7.7%

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Taking into account a lot of your recommendations, (ie. additions) and choosing my best top picks that I chose privately all through out the year (mainly because I made sure there was at least 1 entry from each of the 12 months) I've created the following poll with the options.

You may choose up to 5.

Poll closes in a few weeks.

This is for the STEELBOOK case only.

We will get a poll going for 1click boxsets, and slipboxes soon.

Releases had to get in consumers hands in 2019.
HONORABLE MENTION TO THE RUNNING MAN FROM GERMANY, but it technically released in December 2018 and skated the line of in the hands of many (in Germany) in 2018 while some international folks in early Jan.

Click on the spoiler tag below to see actual photos of the nominees (thanks to the members who shared them in their respective release threads).

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Jun 4, 2013
Some very good choices there. Nice mix up. Happy to see Alice in wonderland mondo as an example. Might be hard to pick 5 hahaha. I love the majority of the selection lol

@Wreck I assume ant man and the wasp zavvi is the lenti edition?


Yo honey-dips, summertime, fine Jheri drippin'
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Jun 4, 2013
So far, very close between IB, venom, the dark knight, Se7en and Alien with quite a few more not far behind them. Will be interesting to see what gets the most votes
Jan 1, 2017
Agreed, just didnt have the time at the time of posting for grabbing 25 images and resizing to make them all concise.
MaYbe tomorrow.
Share (point me to) the (right) images with me and I'll resize them for you at the asked resolution.
I think images would make voting MUCH clear and easier for anyone, especially for those that didn't had the luck to get those/some.
Oct 5, 2011
must have been a pretty poor year for steelbooks if alien fac and inglorious manta are winning.. they are nice but nothing special
^ This!

I also can't understand why nearly everyone is voting for IB Manta and Alien FAC??? They are both just ok - not bad but also not outstanding... In my opinion even the 40th Anniversary Alien Steelbook is much better then the FAC one...

My votes are going definitley for:
- Seven (Manta Lab)
- Black Panther (weet)
- Sicario Day of the Soldado (kimchi)
- Aquaman (Manta Lab)
- Alita (Filmarena BB collection)
Jan 1, 2017
I’m not too sure why anyone would vote for something they don’t own but fair enough
You took this out of context.
I only meant that the pictures would be extremely useful on voting for those of us that didn’t got them in hand (to really appreciate and can indeed compare them, fully), or, maybe not even saw in a picture.
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