The biggest collection in Europe? 12.000+ movies, games & more

Feb 11, 2012

I would like to show you my collection of films, games and more. Due to the lockdown it still isnt complete as I wasn't able to move most of the big limited editions to my new place. I post updates of this overview every month but I'd love your feedback on what's here right now. If you have questions please ask away.

P.S. For many of the edirions in the video there are more detailed looks / reviews / unboxings on my channel (in German). However, I also lovd to respond to comments and questions posted in English and will try to come back to this thread regularly to chat and post updates.
Feb 11, 2012
my arrow collection is "100% complete" in the sense that i dont buy downgraded re releases. however all upgrades and improved re releases are here. there are only things i would consider missing that i need to add to the collection at some point.

when they release o cards and steelbooks at the same time, of course i go for the steel and dont need both. i did this even in the beginning of arrows days but now that their original window slips are actually something special i want them all but am currently missing 2. battle royale (because i went for thw big le) and lucio fulcis zombie (because i got the steelbook)

but apart from these 2 i consider the collection complete. even have all the us exclusives, had the djangos when they were "bootlegs" (because amazon shipped my order regardless of arrow pulling back the release" ... only need to replace i think 2 us versions becaude i got them too latr and they no longer had the booklet.

but apart from these minor issues, its a complete collection and im very proud of the arrow shelf.
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