The Fifth Element (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Collector's & Deluxe Editions) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

Sep 10, 2020
Release date: June 19 June 26 July 10 End of July, 2023
Purchase links: SteelBook only - Collector's Edition - Deluxe Edition (Pre-order on November 25, at 00.00 AM UK time)
Price: £26.99 (SteelBook only) - £59.99 (Collector's Edition) - £99.99 (Deluxe Edition)
Notes: Artwork and packaging design from EverythingBlu team

Screenshot_20221124_170305_Facebook.jpg8FBC96F3-E4EB-445E-ACFD-E74FA34E164F.jpeg F3E6D1EB-D9BD-4957-BFA0-4EE20B43AD03.jpeg
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Just got an email alert about this. Looks like the next offering from everythingblu

Edit - yeah just seen their post on FB
And can't wait for ppl to start moaning/complaining about artwork/finish here to like they did with Rambo. >.<
Bring it! :smuggrin: :wacky::giggle:
I don’t like the steel design or slip but I do like the extras/ replica stuff with the bigger version

Still waiting to get the mondo vinyl art on a steel.

How much was the Rambo editions.?
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Forgot to even comment on the actual set before, but I think it looks pretty damn nice! They really need to cut back on the amount of useless paper extras though and lower the prices.
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