Mondo The Monster Squad (1987) - OST (Expanded Edition) (Bruce Broughton) (Terror Vision Records) (Mondo Shop Exclusive) (Red/Yellow/Green Vinyl)


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: January 12, 2024
Purchase link: Mondo Shop
Price: $52.00
Notes: Triple LP - Expanded Edition has bonus tracks & cues that was not included on previous vinyl pressings + exclusive liner notes - Mondo Edition limited to 500

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Terror Vision Records is BEYOND excited to bring you the definitive LP pressing of THE MONSTER SQUAD!
This is a triple LP and features all the cues (including the background stuff previously only released on CD).


Bonus materialBonus tracks & cues not on previous pressings + exclusive liner notes
Edition size500
Vinyl colorMondo Exclusive Red/Yellow/Green Vinyl (Multiple Effects)


Side A
  1. Main Title / The Van Helsing Prologue
  2. Scary German Guy / Bat In The Hole
  3. Let It Begin
  4. Lock Me Up! / Wolfman Wakes Up
  5. Monster Music (Source)
  6. Class Reunion
Side B
  1. Mr. Alucard
  2. Mummy’s Gone / Making Plans / Phoebe Meets Frank
  3. Van Helsing’s Diary / Monsters
  4. Walking Dead Guy
  5. Scary Mask
  6. Rock Until You Drop (by Michael Sembello)
  7. The Old Wolfman Ruse / Not Clark Kent / Twinkie Creature
Side C
  1. At The Mansion / On All Sides
  2. Recovering The Amulet
  3. Goodbye Band Aid Breath
  4. At Sean’s House
  5. The Vampire Killed / Kill A Wolfman
Side D
  1. Creature Carnage
  2. Phoebe And The Count / The Final Vortex
  3. Monster Squad Rap
  4. End Credits
Side E
  1. The Van Helsing Prologue – Part II (Alternate Take)
  2. Class Reunion (Alternate Take)
  3. Mr. Alucard (Alternate Take)
  4. Making Plans (Alternate Excerpt)
Side F
  1. Phoebe Meets Frank (Alternate)
  2. Walking Dead Guy (Alternate)
  3. At Sean's House (Alternate)
  4. Phil's (Source No. 1)
  5. Phil's (Source No. 2)
  6. Phil's (Source No. 3)
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Terror Vision Records also have other variants available

  • ‘nards’ variant ( exclusive - moon phase)
  • ‘scary german guy’ variant (TV record club variant- color in color with splatter…join the club now here to receive this)

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