The Nun II (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (HMV Exclusive) [UK]


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Feb 28, 2011
Release date: November 20, 2023
Purchase link: HMV
Price: £29.99

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Awesome art. Shame the first film's steel was essentially only released in Germany and goes for an absolute extortionate amount now.. Having 2 without 1 is a bit pointless for me.

Never know, WB may give it a wider release soon to tie in.
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Initial reviews suggest that people are Nun II pleased with the film, sadly. Was hoping for an Annabelle situation where the sequel is infinitely better.
Creation being better than the original? Agree. That was a prequel, rather than a sequel, mind you. I didn’t think annabelle comes home was any/much better than the original though, they were roughly on par.
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Yeah just very similar with the connections and what not. Just surprised they never popped up anywhere given we’ve had all the conjuring movies.
They've not been widely distributed anywhere really bud. Germany had 2-4, that's the most consistent They've been. US and Korea had just the first, so it's not surprising they haven't made their way over here tbh. Plus, they aren't exactly big money earners like the conjuring series have been.
I just got back from seeing this, if you liked the first one then you should enjoy it.
A shame I don’t have the first steel as this will have to be a pass.
I know you can't really go by trailers, but this looks rubbish.

I thought they just about struggled to stretch the first one out to a movie. It definitely didn't need a sequel....
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And the actress playing the titular Nun is suing Warner for residuals. I wonder if these steelbooks count as merchandising, probably not.
Didn't see the the first one, only a passing interest in the Conjure-verse..... but my teenager wanted to see this so along I went.

Not bad. Pretty good actually. Creepy, well shot, requisite amount of jump scares. It was alright :thumbs:
I'd love to get a steelbook from Amazon UK for this movie, or maybe another visual for Amazon IT later, how knows ???!!!
First never had UK steel so will pass on this also
also only got blu ray of first not 4k but not sure I will double dip unless its on sale after xmas for like £10 lol
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Release date November 20

e32a1217-e1e6-4d56-91b0-da4a1dcd6bbe.jpg 4004f828-02d8-40b6-8360-e72a96f26b16.jpg 6f1293f1-5d2f-483b-84f0-6ac5bf9068f9.jpg

The Nun II: Demon in Paradise
The Nun left audiences hungry for answers! Join producer James Wan, director Michael Chaves and the cast on a deep dive into Valak’s origins, filming in southern France and Sister Irene’s possible bloodline connections within the Conjuring Universe.

Handcrafted Nightmares
Director Michael Chaves reveals the inspiration for Valak’s new manifestations – from the nightmarish newsstand to Cedric the altar boy to the terrifying demon goat – and we meet the French artists who brought these practical handmade horrors to life.
Watched this the other night as part of my 31 film Halloween marathon and it was a tad better than the first. Nothing special. Still nothing on conjuring. Didn’t like the first enough to buy so I won’t be buying this either