The OMG the price is high on EBAY, etc (VIDEO GAME STEELBOOKS ONLY)


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Thanks Biscuit. wow, that is a high price for that VG steelbook. Don't know that I'll ever get that one, especially at that price.
Let me put it this way. First and last time I saw a sealed copy of it on eBay (back in November I think), it sold for $770. And I'm talking about a period where not even Rambo or Iron Man future shop sealed were hitting these numbers.

A mint but unsealed copy of Rambo or Iron Man will sell for around $400/$450 on eBay nowadays. I wouldn't be surprised if this unsealed copy of Mirror's Edge sells for more, which would make it the most expensive steelbook on the planet.


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Aug 29, 2013
I have two copies of the mirrors edge steel one open one sealed :) my pic is in the bragging rights thread and the just arrived thread. I will say I paid a fair penny for sure. But mirrors edge is one of if not my favorite game of the previous generation and i really hope the sequel is amazing so they go very well with my mirrors edge collection.

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Btw for anyone wondering only 4 known mirrors edge steelbooks exist in sealed condition :)

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Jan 19, 2013
London, UK
The following is why I now officially hate Ebay

Return reason: Doesn't work or defective
Comments: Hi there, I purchased this steelbook from you a short time ago, and I ve realised that it s got scratches on the front cover which I hadn t noticed before until now - I was taking pictures of it earlier on today with the intention of listing it on eBay, but I ve found that unfortunately it doesn t match the description that you ve given me of the item - I remember getting in touch with you prior to making the purchase and asking you if it was in mint condition and with no dings, dents or scratches, and you replied saying it was mint and free of imperfections. I would like to return this item to you for a refund please because it s not mint (i.e. without dents, scratches etc) as you said it was when I asked about the condition of it. Thank you.

"Scratch" is a sliver of paper under the poly..& it's the "I bought it to list on eBay" bit I don't like...
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