The Steel Addiction

Jul 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey all,
Hope you are all alright here.

Question! At what point do you take control of this steelbook addiction ?! o_O

I'm mainly only a video games steelbook collector.. but I find I end up buying loads of steelbooks for games I don't even care about. It's understandable if steelbook looks really nice I guess but sometimes I end up buying some steelbooks which not only I don't care about the game but the steelbook is ugly as well.

I just want to tone it down a little, maybe get rid of the bad ones and hold the ones I care for.. But I don't know where to even start. I sometimes start strong sorting through them and end up putting it off and lying to myself that I'll do it another time :dizzy:


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Nov 9, 2018
When I first started buying I was buying all sorts but now only tend to pick up Killer Klowns from outer space stuff and Arrow releases.

Don't get me wrong tho I am still very tempted by many :rofl: :thumbs:
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May 15, 2014
Ontario, Kanada
@Thoth Figure out how much you are spending currently every month. And may be set yourself a budget per month? That's what i did. It will force you to get picky with the steelbooks.
You should also set a penalty if you go over the budget. For example, that you can only spend half of the budget the following month, or something.
And if it works, just slowly lower your budget every 5-6 months or whatever works for you.

Of course, you need some self control for this to work.
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Oct 9, 2019
I am buying Steelbooks mostly on sale: around 10€ for BR, around 15€ for Arrows, around 20-25€ for UHD.

Steelbooks with booklet from good movies , that are non-premium are worth a look. Arrow Steelbooks are no-brainers and non-WWA, which means they are always exclusives, somes from Spain are unique (Revenge Steelbook), french ones like Peppermint or Wind River are also wanted and you can be sure to get a good price for reselling them, even when they are not in mint condition.

The other ones I buy are for completing started collections. That are Tarantino, John Wick, Terminator, Spiderman, Ghost in the Shell, Sin City, Comic filmings in general like Aeon Flux or A History of Violence, and Horror steelbooks, when they look good.
I also buy future-packs from movies I like (for example: Hostile, The Endless, Brazil, Jennifers Body, Thelma and Luise, Lord of War, Johnny Mnemonic etc.)
Sometimes I buy Fullslips, but only when they come out and are cheap and not so many. I have: Babydriver FAC-XL, Alien Covenant FAC-XL and Spiderman FAC Lenti, In the Heart of the Sea Black Barons and Split Black Barons.

I think the best way to control buying too much stuff is avoiding too much double and triple dips. When a steelbook series comes out (Pop Art, Iconic) I decide on first thought and choose very quick the ones I find good. Then, when I have some collected in the cart I google them, if they have any letdowns (bad transfers, production flaws etc.). So I always have a limitation. Most of the time it are only 3-4 that are left and then I buy them. Blind buys are good for upgrades of movies you're already satisfied with.
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