Mondo The Terminator by Stan & Vince [DaVinci's Dreams]

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Nov 29, 2011
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Available next Monday, March 7th at 4.00PM GMT in the SHOP section at

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Regular Edition
9 Colors
White 250gsm
Limited to 325 copies


T-800 Variant
9 Colors
White 250gsm
Limited to 175 copies


Tech-Noir Variant
10 Colors (including 1 Metallic)
White 300gsm
Limited to 50 copies

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First look at The Terminator by Stan & Vince

DaVinci's Dreams is delighted to share with you first hand pictures of The Terminator by Stan & Vince. Printed by SP Productions in Belgium, they have kindly provided us with our first look at these bad boys!

We are thrilled with how they have turned out, and once we have got them in hand we'll provide you with more detailed shots.

The Terminator will be released tomorrow on Monday 7th March at 4:00PM GMT, in the shop section at
10 Colors (Including 1 Metallic)
Metallic ink applied to the Endoskeleton
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Received mine on Friday. Its a beautiful print but mine has some scuff marks on it. I sent them an email to let them know and they haven't bothered to respond. Pretty disappointing.