The Thing (2011) (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Mill Creek Entertainment) (Walmart Exclusive) [USA]


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Aug 6, 2010
Release date: April 18, 2023
Purchase link: Walmart
Price: $19.99
Group buy: hosted by apsmith21

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Loved it until i saw it's with slipcover, like 3:10 To Yuma or Dredd. Not fan of these releases.
I saw this over on R steelbooks and haven't pre-ordered so fast. Absolutely love the art and gonna swap out the disc with my 4K of The Thing 1982.

^ really enjoy the better detail on this steel compared to the titans of the cult version
Edit- btw I know this is the Prequel but personally prefer the original to the prequel
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It's a release from Mill Creek Entertainment
Some of the Blu-ray discs are not that great

It comes with a pet slip like some of their other SteelBooks

I wonder what the new bonus content will be that's mentioned in the product listing
The art underneath the PET looks promising but still need to see it properly
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HOLD UP..... this is the 2011 version lol. Just realised

Tbf it’s not a bad film. It would’ve been better had the stayed with the practical effects. Suppose it makes a change from the goat version getting another re release
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It's the prequel, yeah, gotta know your original posters, it's using that underneath the PET slip.

Since when Walmart started doing Exclusives again, is this the first?
I love the 2011 version. Naturally, it can't even come close to competing with the overwhelming awesomeness of John Carpenter's The Thing, but really....most movies cannot.

From what I understand the FX crew from the first film was onhand, and many of the scenes were shot with the same type of puppetry used before. But the studio, in their infinite stupidity, decided to overdub their work with cgi splatter. Fortunately, the acting is so top rate in this movie, it's enough for me to overcome the issues with cgi.
Need to see what the steelbook underneath is.
but not a fan of the title of the movie IT'S NOT HUMAN YET THING.
(tagline font size matters, people)
Yeah, those words are not necessary at all and they made sure we saw them…

I enjoyed this 2011 version and think Winstead and Edgerton were good in it…
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