The World's End (Blu-ray SteelBook) (EverythingBlu Exclusive #003) [UK]

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Jun 4, 2013
its like a spoof on the Star Wars art
But the result is so photoshopped it’s laughable

If they wana do a spoof on Star Wars which is clearly what they have gone for then it needs to be illustrated from scratch or photoshopped by a wizard
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Oct 20, 2012
Manchester, UK
I just can’t bring myself to get behind anything that EverythingBlu does. I think that the main factor was when Shaun was first released and they spoke to a lot of their customers like sh*t when they messaged them with queries on when they would ship.

Why, why, why did Universal approve this art. :wtf:
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Apr 25, 2013
I think this is the intention.

Most of the posters featuring the cast are hideous anyway, and the only decent artwork for a steel was the one already released.
Not all of them. I'd easily take a steelbook of this

or even something like this

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Very eye catching, mostly because of the colours. However, the longer I look at it, the uglier it gets. Those character montage posters are incredibly hard to pull off to be fair (even Marvel often struggle with them IMO), so I definitely think EB should've gone a different/simpler route.
Apr 15, 2013
i have the hmv version so i dont really care about this. that being said, if this was mantalab or novamedia, people wouldn't be making fun of it. as proof, look at the lack of people making fun of Three Billboards. that's one of the worst steelbook covers I've ever seen and people actually bought it.
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Mar 24, 2013

Love the back ... front not really .... as a minty green steelbook is not happening (that flavour / colour reserved for the slip/s?) probably because (surprisingly) there's no suitable decent green posters for this film.

As they've decided to go with very few characters on the front of SHAUN and HOT FUZZ to be honest would have preferred they did the same here.

As I see it:-



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Nov 18, 2011
Staffordshite, UK
depends on the lenti-slip if I'll cave on this

Still waiting for a price drop on Hot Fuzz, but this steelbook is nothing on the WWA one I have, so be hard to swap over


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Sep 27, 2012
UK, on a parallel Earth
I think EB are trying too hard to come up with something new & original. I'd like to see a steelbook seller that just releases steels with poster art. The first 2 posters that @Robsonmonkey mentioned would be perfectly acceptable. It just seems crazy to me to go to a load of effort getting something completely new approved that doesn't look as good as ready made art that's already available.

I skipped Hot Fuzz because for the same reason. It's like they're being designed by an amateur who thinks they know what they're doing just because they can do object layering on a stock background. I mean WTF was going on with those clouds on the Hot Fuzz slips?! So random & naff.
Jun 13, 2013
Christ. What a shocker :vomit:

The back is is actually ok, but that art on the front.... EB are far from upping their game with each release are they? So far they’ve released three of my most favourite U.K. movies ever and i’ve passed on every one of them :meh: