[UK] Quitting for good sale - Priced reasonably. Open to price match requests and sensible offers.

My second and final stint with Steelbooks is finally ending. Will be adding more gradually.

If you find these for a lower price elsewhere, please let me know.

No OCD Mint collectors please unless you are willing to accept that nothing is perfect.

Price includes UK delivery but excludes fees. Payment must be made in USD.

Manta Lab

Dune Manta Lab Full Slip Sealed - $98
Dune Manta Lab Lenticular Slip Sealed - $98
Wonder Woman 1984 4K Manta Lab Double Lenticular (Hong Kong / Sealed) - $55
Interstellar 4K + 2D Manta Lab Sealed Steelbook with discs and goodies inside - No slip (Hong Kong / Sealed) - $50


The Incredible Hulk 4K + 2D Blufans Lenticular (China / Sealed) - $70
Black Panther 3D + 2D Blufans Double Lenticular (China / Sealed) - $65
Oz the Great and the Powerful 3D + 2D Blufans Lenticular (China / Watched once) - $50


Zack Synder Justice League HDZeta One-Click Gold Label Sealed - $160
Batman V Superman HDZeta One-Click Gold Label Sealed (New Release) - $180
300 HDZeta Gold Label Double Lenticular (China / Sealed) - $90
Wonder Woman 1984 HDZeta Full Slip (China / Sealed) - $60


The Incredible Hulk Novamedia Lenticular (Korea / Sealed) - $65
John Wick Novamedia Lenticular 4K (all 3 films - Opened / Near Mint to Mint) - $210


Ant-Man and the Wasp One-Click Sealed - $260

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