What is the best Steelbook Stand for your Fullslip?

Sep 5, 2015
Hamburg, Germany
Hi Guys,
i am looking for a good stand for my Novamedia Fullslips.

Actually i take the this one.

But for the my Fullslips it isn`t perfect.
Yes, i with this stand it is possible to lean on the FS. But there is also the chance that the FS falls off.
Any ideas for a better presentation for your Fullslip? Or how do you present your Fullslip?

Thank for your help and your ideas.


P.S.:Sorry for my English.
Dec 21, 2015
I do prefer the same, but I still got some I bought a few years ago. They don't seem as space-saving and perfect, but I kind of like them. So, if you've never heard about those, maybe you'd like to give it a shot. They should also fit for full slips, unfortunately I'm not home right now. Could try that when I'm home on 27th december and post some pics if you like.



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Hi Niceblue,
do you have some pics?

Np man. Here is a pic of SS1 vs SS3, SS3 is on the right (the huge one) lol. Also click spoiler for more pics :)
I do not recommend SS1 for fullslips. They kind of work, but unsafe. One of mine fell and this was before SCF2s were out, luckily it did not get any damage. That is why I went for SS3s, to be safe lol. They are pretty big though and SS2s should work just fine, but it's up to you!



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@Para just be careful twisting the stands together. I felt like I was going to break the SS3s lol but it worked out. I know there are some stylish ones for normal steelbooks. I believe the HDN shop sold them before but they wouldn't work for full slips :/