Mondo Who Framed Roger Rabbit - OST (Alan Silvestri) - (SDCC Exclusive) (Gram Dip Colored Vinyl)


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Release date: July 17, 2019 (SDCC Exclusive) - August, 2019 (Webstore Edition)
Purchase link: Mondo (Webstore Edition Pre order live Wednesday July 24 Noon CT Time)
Price: $25.00
Notes: SDCC Exclusive Pressed on 180 Gram Dip colored vinyl (limited to 1,000 Copies)
Note a Webstore edition coming Soon neon pink with white splatter edition

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Nov 9, 2018
It says black vinyl in the info but I can’t find any info on the Mondo website about a black vinyl. Mondo usually do a black vinyl aswell as their variants but I just can’t find that info for this release

Zavvi have had the wrong info before though. It happened with fight club. It was listed as black but a bunch of us actually got the pink vinyl through the doors, however that was a one off. I have seen listings change after release though where it’s been wrong.

And In honesty it’s pointless even asking them because the CS agent will literally look at the listing and then get back to you with that info lol.

If you do order it you can always send it back for a refund if it’s not pink.

I too would like to know if this turns out to be pink
Cheers mate :thumbs:

I think ill take a chance on it and see as i love the art anyway , so even if it ends up being the black its no real lose :whistle: Even tho i would like it the be the pink vinyl:rofl::thumbs:
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Jun 4, 2013
Zavvis a no go then lol

Looks like I’ll miss this anyway. I just can’t afford it at the moment. So unless it stays on Mondo for a few months, potentially until the start of the new year then I’ll have to miss it